Monday, September 21, 2009

She Danced in Burst Magazine

My flash story, "She Danced," is in the Fall edition of Burst Magazine. This is a revised edition of a previous Bathroom Monologue about a man who falls in love with a dancer and regrets it for the rest of the night. You can read the story here. Make sure to click "NEXT" at the bottom for the second half. I'd hate for you to miss how it turns out.

Burst is a special flash fiction publication targeting phones and smaller reading devices (hence the format of so few words per page and NEXT-click features), but anyone can read it at They're featuring ten stories this season. I'm tickled to have one amongst them.


  1. And never has a story been more deserving.

    Word Verification this time? "Wyenche." As in, "Wyenche pumping your fist at this awesome victory?"

  2. john, this is an amazingly well written tome with no words wasted for this unusual venue. well done sir.and congrats on the pub.

  3. John, thanks for the mention on your blog. Glad you could be a part of BURST . . . Kevin, editor


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