Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Monologue for Laurence Fishburne cast as a domineering teacher

"If you can't learn in an environment where trained adults are paid to care and help you, where exactly are you going to learn? Is it out on the streets where a dealer will shoot you for being ten dollars short? Is that where you’re going to learn life’s great lessons? Is it going to be on your mom’s couch? You’ve learned all you need, because all you need is her to love and pay for everything you want? Well someday she’s going to die and stop paying for everything. So are you going to learn the ways of the world working at Wal-Mart? Is all you need to learn going to come out of menial labor that everybody loathes doing? Perhaps that’s what you need to learn. Perhaps you need to learn that after twenty years of bagging groceries and stocking shelves, that this was all a mistake. I’d rather you learn it right now, but if you want to go learn from the world, the door’s open. Stop by in twenty years and show me what a genius you’ve become."


  1. Yep, I could see Fishburne ranting that to a class of kids...

  2. I could see 'Ol Larry delivering it. Add in a few "motherfuckers" and I can see Sam Jackson delivering it as well ;)

  3. Oh dear. Anthony, are you saying I'm scriptically racist?


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