Sunday, May 9, 2010

Godzilla Haiku at... Godzilla Haiku?

This Sunday's funny is a little different. My haiku, "It Feels," has been accepted and published over at Godzilla Haiku. They've spliced it with an image of the big guy.

You can see the entry by clicking here.


  1. Fabulous. What a wonderful poem. ^_^

  2. John. I can not believe there is a Godzilla Haiku site. Your haiku cracked me up.

    Are you telling me he cried everytime he smooshed a human into the cement? Most importantly, do they make Godzilla sized tissue? Worst thing is to be washed away in a stream of Godzilla snot.

  3. Leave it to my friends to find the best niches of the arts. Glad you two enjoyed the poem.

    Jodi, I'm not saying he weeps for every squished civilian. I'm just saying the big guy's feelings can get hurt - which might lead to squishings.

  4. Love it, John... BTW, did you know there is a new American "Godzilla" revamp on the horizon?

  5. Anthony, I actually do. I have been following it since the Lion's Gate announcement. I can't help but be optomistic, even after the last American Godzilla (which I liked in my own way). I'd love to write one of those movies, as plotless or redudant as they can be.


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