Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outtake from a Recent Short Story

This is a bit of dialogue from a short story I’ve been working on. The characters babble a lot and some of it simply has to be cut. For instance, this exchange. I love this exchange; it even references an old Bathroom Monologue. But it doesn’t belong in this particular short story. I’m giving it life on the blog. If you like it and would like more, I’ll bring Life and Trudy to the blog more often. I feel like there’s a lot in them. Plus their setting allows so many crazy things to chat about, including this anonymoose.

"A what?"

"An anonymooose." Life sighed, as though embarrassed for anyone else who had ever had to utter that name. "They say it stalks the neighboring forest. There are no photos because it can't be seen. Men hunt it and fire blindly. It can't even be heard, though hunters leaves their hides in the morning to discover hoofprints all around them in the dirt or snow. One sheriff swears he felt it breathing on his shoulder, but when he tried to grab it, the thing thrust him through his windshield. He woke to find it had defecated on his hood."

She pursed one corner of her mouth. "Did an expert looking at these droppings?"

"The Office of Wildlife. But they couldn't determine what the droppings belonged to."

"Because it was anonymoose." She rolled her eyes. "Come on, Life. There must be some things you disbelieve."

"There are. For instance, I disbelieve men would go through that many cold overnights bagging no game just to perpetuate a bad pun."


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