Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Why Youtube Hurts My Soul

Watch the ad that sponsors the video that is a trailer for the movie that’s the first of a trilogy that you’ll have to buy on DVD to see uncut, upon which you’ll see ads for the BluRay which has even more content including the trailer for the spinoff that will have the tie-in videogame for the system you want that you’ll have to sift through six blades of ads to launch before you see eight studios advertising their brand on the load screen, all company logos flashing directly above the manufacturer of your TV or monitor, which is eternally stamped before your eyes. And you pay for the bandwidth.


  1. Say what?

    What's a BlueRay...something from a science fiction story? Man, some days I just enjoy being a technological dinosaur...

  2. You are too young to remember, but back before anyone ever subscribed to pay for any sort of television broadcast, one of the selling points of cable was that you would no longer have commercials.

  3. Seriously. My kid new more commercial jingles at five than nursery rhymes.

  4. This comment proudly brought to you by a cola-enhanced, temperature-decreased caffeinated beverage.
    Apt and true.
    Adam B @revhappiness
    *Drink more of this cola-enhanced, temperature-decreased caffeinated beverage*


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