Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Demotion of Pluto

Not enough mass, too short a radius, too much ice. There were other celestial bodies nearly the same size, and it wasn’t doing anything about it. Few understood the demotion of Pluto, and fewer appreciated it. Petitions emerged, millions of people who had never been to an observatory demanding Pluto was a planet. A full planet, not a “dwarf planet.” There were seven dwarves and none of them were Mickey Mouse’s dog. It was plain logic. But science made like Atlas, and shrugged. Atlas was silent. Pluto’s sky toppled in protest.

But one man found it all convenient. The debate was settled out of court, off campus, no scientists asked or equations answered. The demotion was convenient, as full planets cost a lot. Governments want to land on them, plant flags and dreams. You can buy a planetoid on the cheap. Our intrepid investor landed first, signed the papers, and planted his sign.

“Welcome to Planet Pluto.”

So said the ownership. Whether your science said one thing and somebody's math said another, branding put the official name on it. Economics solved the controversy.


  1. An elegant solution! I always felt a little strange about Pluto's demotion. If I had the money and a rocket, I would completely do this.

  2. Ah hah, that's one way to settle the debate. :)

  3. Sad but true - business is everything.

  4. Scientists made the right choice, in my humble lil' opinion. But you can't argue with this guy's entrepreneurial can-do spirit!

  5. Personally, I still think Pluto is a planet, but I agree, this guy's marketing technique is sound.

  6. Perfect solution! And exquisite logic. (None of them were Mickey's dog...*snerk*)


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