Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Motion Control

See, the motion of his arm there is registered by everything. The X-Box 360 Kinect, which plays videogames, but is also his DVD player, but is also an internet streaming device, turns on at the same time as his Samsung television, which is also an internet streaming device. They both switch on at the same time.

There’s no audio on this, so you can’t tell, but he’s trying voice command here. The Kinect and the TV are both voice-commanded, though, so it switches… there. To a channel with nothing on it. His vacuum is also voice-commanded. You’ll see it coming into frame from the left in a minute.

Here he is trying to manually shut off the X-Box.

Here’s the disc tray opening and hitting him in the eye. And there! See, there’s the vacuum chugging into frame.

There’s him stepping onto the robot vacuum.

And there’s him falling into the TV. And through the TV. Did not know those shattered like that.

And there’s the vacuum cleaner trying to clean his blood off the carpet. Now I know it looks gross the first time, but eventually, everyone in this office finds it hilarious. You just have to see it enough times.


  1. I envision this every time I fumble with a smartphone. Eventually I'm going to accidentally download and run the app that sends a "self-destruct" signal to my toaster oven.

    1. Pretty much any day, I have a fear that technology will kill me, or at least leave me fatter and blind.

  2. He fell through the tv and it shattered? Sounds painful.


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