Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fixing the Versatile Writer Award

Last week Steven Green gave me the Versatile Blogger/Writer award, and Richard Bon re-upped it with a shout-out. This marks at least the sixth time someone has been kind enough to think of me in their listing: I’ve previously received it from Marianne Su, Larry Kollar, Stacey Turner, Mari Juniper (who is apparently alive?) and Helen Howell.

It's been interesting to receive this award so many times. I mean, it's flattering. It's damned flattering, and thank you, it's staving off suicide, but it's interesting because over time the Award-game has lost all its game-properties. Now you just pass it on.

Well I'm not just passing it on, my friends. If winners can remove rules, then this winner is adding some. In honor of my sixth receipt, I’ll pass this on to six sundry bloggers, but they must answer six sundry questions.

1. What's the last sentence (from any of your work) that made you feel pride in writing?

2. What’s the last work of fiction that left you envying the creator? In what way did you envy he/she/it/them?

3. In your entire life, what have you most catastrophically failed at cooking or baking?

4. What field of science most frequently inspires you?

5. What task most recently frightened, grossed you out or otherwise intimidated you, such that you got someone else to do it?

6. Who is your favorite dead author? Or, if there is no single such person, name six of your beloved dead authors (in no necessary order).

As for the six writers I’d like to label Versatile this morning, in no necessary order:

If my six sundry targets answer the questions, then I guess I’ll have to as well. Since I have a writing convention next week, it’d be a great way to return home, and something fun to do on the train back. I’m only sure about #3.


  1. Thank you John, I never miss a chance to talk about myself.

  2. John you are brilliant. I think your 6 is awesome, both the writers and the questions.

    Those questions will probably take some thinking about too.

    My No 3. This week I catastrophically ruined oven chips. (How rubbish a cook does it take to do that?)

    Well deserved on the award(#6) John, and enjoy the convention. :-)

  3. Whoa, JOohn. Those are some pretty fantastic questions. This is going to require some thought. Not surprised you get this little number so pften, versatile blogging is your thing.

  4. Ah John the ever inventive - fun idea.

  5. Great idea, fun questions, and I look forward to reading the answers.

  6. Those questions require a lot of thought. Looking forward to reading the answers.

  7. Thanks again! Hrm now I have to think about this...


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