Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm More Versatile Than You Are

Stacey Turner recently sent me the Versatile Writer Award. Previously it was handed to me by Larry Kollar, Mari Juniper and Helen Howell, so at this point I’m going to believe consensus and be flattered. While the rules of the game have warped over time, it remains that you’re supposed to share seven things about yourself. Let’s see if I can keep this entertaining.
1. When I grow my facial hair, my mustache comes in blonde and my beard is red, while my hair is brown. I'm a human sampler pack.

2. Not only did playing Dynasty Warriors get me to read Luo Guanzhong's classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but sharing the game also spurred five friends to try it as well. Only one of us finished it.

3. In middle school I took a general intelligence test that put me at a genius level. I then attempted to exit the building by pushing through a door labeled PULL.

4. In my early teens my passion for writing was equaled by my aspirations to be a comic book artist. It was only after I was rejected from an art show and took stock of several years of drawings that I realized I utterly lacked talent at one of these passions. I might not have become a versatile writer at all if I’d just figured out how to draw hands.

5. As a child I watched Disney's Peter Pan seven times before giving up hope that Captain Hook could win this once. I still rooted for him afterwards, but only in a primitive fan fiction context.

6. I have run naked from the shower or bath tub to my computer to type out ideas multiple times. Conservatively, it's in double digits.

7. On the way back from a midnight screening of Spider-Man 2, I took a shortcut through the woods. A deer leaped in front of my car. I stopped in time, but the critter froze. I rolled down my window and hollered for it move. It refused. Flashing my high beams did no better. I wound up leaning out the window and pitching my idea of Spider-Man 3 to it until it got bored and left. I still think my plot had some heart.

Thanks again, Stacey. I hope I’ve entertained you all.


  1. Indeed you have entertained. :) Great way to start the day. LOL

  2. The deer must have left because your plot had heart, not hart.

    (You made the pun, I'm not responsible.)

  3. A well deserved award and an entertaining post.

    And regarding the bath to computer run, have you ever thought of getting bath crayons? Just scribble on the walls until you're done. Might be a tad safer than running on wet tiles... :D

  4. OK, that was just plain hilarious. I can just picture you talking to the deer!

  5. That was, indeed, quite entertaining, sir. Don't you worry about dripping on the keyboard though?

  6. Yes you certainly entertained me! ^__^

  7. I was still chuckling at number 3, the reast had me laughing out loud. Versatile and funny - that's you.

  8. Versatile you are. And a cool baker's six-pack of stuff. ALthough not as genius as you, I did once try to exit a Dairy Queen by pushing through one of the windows. It was late and I was... tired. But it was one of those moments my family never likes to let me forget. Peace...

  9. Number three is just hilarious, I'm still giggling. You're quite versatile and so funny, John!


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