Monday, May 7, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Sentence in Hell

Hell is largely what you expected, Mr. Smotes. Horned devils wielding pitchforks, tossing stacks of bodies into moats of char and lava. Whirlwinds of disease scour the faces of sinners. Rivers of ground glass and rains of needles rush to refresh and ravage. And you get so hungry. So very hungry. If you brave the weather and the demonic rapists, the only food you’ll find is so fetid it leaves you hungrier and weaker and smaller and ultimately less - until you question what’s left of yourself. Hell is almost exactly what television led you to expect, Mr. Smotes.

Except it’s your daughter who serves your sentence.


  1. That would suck. Especially if you were made to watch.

  2. Depending on how evil Mr Smotes is, that last twist might suit him quite well.

    I mean, what are kids for anyway?

  3. The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children...
    That popped into my head and I suspect it is biblical but from whence it came I know not.

  4. Oh it's just like a typical holiday resort then - where your daughter gets up to mischief and you pay the bills ^_^

    Wicked sense of humour Mr. Wiswell


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