Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Abusive Alcoholic

"He was an abusive alcoholic. The man punished his liquor. Entire bottles of Jack Daniels suffered his nightly reigns of terror, and he never met a scotch he wouldn’t swear at the moment it was gone. The lucky ones were scattered on the floor, but by nine, or ten at the latest, he’d toss them to shatter against the wall behind our TV. And he loved liquor, that’s why he spent so much on it, so it’s no wonder he’d be crueler to the people he didn’t love, like us kids. I’ve heard he’s gotten much better. He only drinks out of Styrofoam cups now and seems to have a cordial relationship with coffee."


  1. I was expecting levity in this one, but I like it. I'm assuming he's at AA now?

  2. Hi there John -- sounds like he's now wandered on to be abusive in Starbucks. An interesting take on 'abusive alcoholic' where even the alcohol gets it in the neck. St


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