Monday, August 20, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Imp and Triclops – A Love Story

“How could I not love you?”

“Have you tried?”

“Do you remember how we met?”

“I do, which is why I think you oversentimentalize it.”

“I hired twenty-five bodyguards for that cargo.”

“I could have told you it was too many.”

“The raiders ate twenty-four of them! After a week, I thought they’d eaten the supplies, too. If you’re dumb enough to kill for a living, you’re dumb enough to eat a syringe.”

“It was difficult gathering new beasts of burden and driving the lode to the hospital on my own. But of course I’d do it; I’m a man of my word.”

“You went to all the trouble of honoring your contract. So much blood, so much struggle, and yet you arrived at my hospital smiling.”

“You had lives to save with that medicine.”

“I made outrageous profits with that medicine! With all the convoy attacks that year, I was the only business for three cities in any direction.”

“That’s how a love story starts?”

“That’s how mine did. The wallet wants what it wants.”


  1. Love is a frequently weird and sometimes wonderful thing.

  2. Hi John -- interesting dialogue. Obviously tricky to visualise who is doing the talking, but I like the character of what is being said. Interesting peculiarities in what was being recounted. Did like this line: "The wallet wants what it wants.” St


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