Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Graph] How I feel reading the end of a series


  1. LOL. That big orange part was how I felt by the time I was in the last third of "The Dark Tower."

    The payoff… good thing to remember if you're writing a series.

    1. Getting hit by that car and then the blindness scare definitely messed with the series. There are still rumors that King might rewrite the ending. As someone who thinks most of the series is master-class, I'd kind of like that.

  2. Back when it first came out, I read the final Harry Potter book in less than 24 hours, which I never do. I'm usually a few chapters a day kind of guy. Not to say I didn't love the ride, but I did it mostly to get to the end of the friggin' thing to discover how it all turned out.

  3. Sometimes I don't even make it through the last book...

  4. You're a lot more generous than I am -- I will literally* throw a book across the room if it's annoying me, and it's rare I pick it up again and finish it.

    * Usually what happens is I try to throw the book across the room, and instead it the foot of my bed and bounces off. So the book only makes it most of the way across the room.

  5. No, no, no. It depends on the series. There have been books (and occasionally series), when I have been totally pissed that it has come to a close. And I usually hate the last book - on principle?


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