Saturday, June 1, 2013

Emma Newman's Any Other Name and Scavenger Hunt!

The swank cover art for Any Other Name.

It's a hectic time in my little world. We've been touched by two tornadoes in just the last week, and while I'm not sure, I may have been electrocuted. Tornadoes bring a lot more lightning than I'd expected. May have to blog a bit more about that soon.

There is some good news in the world, though. Emma Newman is launching her second novel in just one year, Any Other Name, with the brilliant Angry Robot Books. It's already out in the U.S. and will launch on June 6th in the U.K. She's invited me to help play a little game with the launch. Here's her pitch:

Any Other Name is the second novel in the Split Worlds series, following on directly after the events in Between Two Thorns. Cathy is secretly seeking a way out of Nether Society by helping Max and the gargoyle to investigate the murders in the Bath Chapter. When she learns more about the mysterious Agency which oils the wheels of life in the Nether it becomes clear that the privileged few are enjoying their existence at a price far higher than they realised. It's time to change Nether society, but with assassins, Fae lords and revengeful fallen Rosas to deal with, can Cathy survive long enough to make a difference?

There is a secret hidden in this blurb. Emma has created a little scavenger hunt, and while I'm sworn to secrecy, I've also been handed one of the secrets. I adore puzzles like this and will only repeat that my secret is in that blurb. You may have to look very closely to find where it is in.

Puzzles make life better, don't they?

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  1. The Sixth Secret Object? I am intrigued. Drat both you and Emma Newman. I need more books like I need an additional four stone in weight. Sigh. And will succumb. You have both worked your magic, and I am hooked.

  2. Really sorry to hear how the tornadoes have reached your area. I hope you're doing okay after being possibly electrocuted too.

    I once heard a writer speak (I forgot his name) who had been hit by lightning, and he survived, and perhaps as a result of that, he says he started to have special visions.


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