Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unwise challenge? Blame it on my teeth.

Dear People Who Make it to Wednesday,

It's Wednesday, meaning we've hit the middle of the Noun Challenge. It also means I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled. This notice goes up at 8:00 AM, the time when surgery begins. I don't expect it to be fatal, but what do I know? I'm typing this to you from Sunday night while the real me sits in a recliner with two people wielding pliers hovering above, and I'm paying them to do it.

I expect to be out of commission for the rest of the week, as I fully expect (and intend) to be at my most grumpy and helpless while the opportunity presents itself (plus we're fumigating the house, which includes my computer area). Fortunately the rest of the Noun Challenge monologues are done and scheduled to post one per morning. However, I may not be available to respond to comments for a little while. Any well-wishes, offers of gifts and/or thoughts on how the Noun Challenge is going are still welcome.

Offer me a chewable present and you may be banned from the internet.

John Wiswell


  1. Feel better! May the Vicodin fairy be generous. ;)

  2. I offer you jello.


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