Friday, March 20, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Rejected Proposal #5

So what we’ll do is make a videogame based on all those dystopias. It’ll be spin-off from Koei’s Dynasty Warriors franchise that pits several ancient Chinese kingdoms against each other in beat-em-up action. Our Dystopia Warriors is set in a terrible pan-future. Instead of Asian emperors, you’ve got Big Brother. Those freakish convoys from Beyond Thunderdome go head-to-head with a zombie apocalypse, with the winner taking on the Terminators. One level will require you to escape L.A., while another forces you to face the irradiated mutations of a nuclear disaster. All the infamous awful futures collide, not to taint the present, but to beat on each other – and they have all always been at war with Oceania. Coming this Fall – A Brave New Asskicking.

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