Saturday, October 23, 2010

"To Each Her Own Triceratops" at The NOT

A micro-story of mine appeared in Michael Solender's Dog Days of Summer anthology. The theme was summer. Because my imagination likes to be difficult, mine was about the summer the dinosaurs came back. The story, "To Each Her Own Triceratops," was featured this week over on Solender's NOT. You can read it here.

As an aside, thanks for all the kind wishes over the last week. I'd tell you how hard it is to abstain from writing, but then I'd have to write about it. Oh no - am I cheating right now?


  1. You ARE cheating ... Enjoy your time off. I envy you...

  2. Sorry you aren't getting the rest you deserve, Anthony.

  3. Nah, this doesn't count. You have to pop in now and then to let us know you're OK. That's the rule, got it!
    Take care!


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