Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: He Who Tests

When did humanity go wrong? With the first monarch. With the first election. When buildings got so tall that if you dropped your hat off the side you'd never see it again. Take your pick.

This is all much easier than you think. Do I miss Him? Yes, yet I am still in the service. I am He Who Tests. I invent nothing. I invite. They seduce themselves to me, every useless, unworthy one of them. I get them by the millions, and every day they do more of my work for me, and think it their own. When they fall? I punish. An eternity of suffering, of torture and knowing that they were wrong. An eternity of knowing I was right. An eternity of suffering and knowing this in the service. I disobeyed once. All this fire and fury is at His command. I will earn my way out of the flames and back into the warmth of the sun, trading a world's souls and climbing its writhing bodies. They earned it by proving me right.


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