Monday, August 15, 2011

Launching a Podcast

Consumed debuts this week. It's a podcast by three media consumers: myself, actor Nat Sylva and computer programmer Max Cantor. We're constantly reading, watching and playing, and gather to discuss what's stuck with us as we've consumed. After finding the proper mics, reliable recording programs and a ridiculously self-destructive pilot, we recorded our first proper episode. You can listen to it for free on the site.

My offerings are Harlan Ellison's Strange Wine and the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood series. Max and Nat bring in Scrubs, the PC game Terraria, and two Westerns. Any feedback is welcome. Since comments aren't open on the Consumed site yet, feel free to comment here. We hope to record the second episode next week.

Download Consumed episode one.


  1. The end of this podcast made me laugh so hard I alarmed the cat and nearly choked. "Did he leave? Did he leave."

    Thank you so much, I really needed that laugh today.

  2. Congratulations John, on the launch of your podcast. Providing merriment for all.


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