Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Unwanted Lovers

"I'd like to start a not-for-profit to prevent romance. Not all romance, but all romance-proper. I'm sologamous; I've been faithful to my right hand for years and have never been swayed to cheat on her. But most of my friends enjoy the company of others, and at first they're very cute about it. They make eyes after each other, give rides, buy little gifts, cover dinner when somebody's short, help out after a long day. All good stuff. Most of the adorable human behavior I've observed as people fell in love. It's once they got into the dirty work that it fell apart. Some time after the first date, the complications of moving your stuff here, and meeting your mom on Wednesday, and helping out after so many long days adds up. What does it add up to? To at least two of my friends sniping at each other and whining to me. Love stinks. What I want is to systematically keep all lovers apart - to keep them precisely just outside the grasp of completion, where absence makes the heart grow fonder and chemicals from the loins make the brain downright stupid. It would save me dozens of hours per month of unwanted-complaint-hours."


  1. I think we should just kill all the romance writers....

    damn romance writers

    I couldn't resist your tweet. too funny john. can't wait to see the traffic you get from "starting a non profit to keep people from falling in love"

  2. Oh John. You make me giggle.

    Love this. Please do not read my blog today though. I don't want to waste any of your non-complaint hours.


  3. So if gets hacked should we suspect you? And why a non-profit? Can't keeping lovers apart be a for-profit endeavor?

    He he. Funny post, John.


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