Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'T' is for 'Timeline,' dedicated to Richard Bon.

‘T’ is for ‘Timeline.’ Richard Bon asked for a comprehensive timeline of my fictional world, and while I don’t want to spoil everything, I am willing to lay out a thousand years for T-day. I hope he enjoys it!

0 Years – The undetermined baseline of modern history. Many cultures and apocalypses are believed to have existed before this period, but are not widely recorded or recognized. Triclopes, Nine-Legs and Centaurs had something going on around this point. Much less afterward.

~1 Year - Apocalypse of Sauropods
-Sauropods, theropods and winged creatures, thought to be long-extinct, return in enormous numbers; reappearance unexplained.
-Cities trampled, ancient diseases reintroduced, various civilizations collapse.

~10 Years – Lands both east and west of The Uncanny Valleys become grazing land and hunting grounds for dinosaurs. Anyone who wants a civilization better be discrete.

~150 Years – Gremlins amass enough technology to erect anti-sauropod strongholds and safe zones. Progress begins.

~250 Years - Apocalypse of Gremlins
-Gremlins launch flying cities that sauropods cannot touch.
-Lightning cannons used to police populations of sapient creatures; immediately regulate what technology other species may have. Show favoritism to submissive tribes of triclopes.

~280 Years – Gremlins “adopt” triclopes as laborers.

~315 Years – Gremlins “adopt” imps as pets; begin breeding them like show-dogs.

~350 Years – Gremlins perfect automaton technology; relations with triclopes terminated.
-Automatons begin work in construction, maintenance, medicine.

~400 Years – Triclopes return to ancestral territory in northern Uncanny Valley. Seem to be building strongholds as though not trusting this to last.

~550 Years - Apocalypse of Autos
-Gremlin technology turns against them; all flying cities crash, explode; gremlins go extinct.
-Gremlin technology ‘automatons’ hunt and consume all living things. Motives unknown.
-Imps escape extinction; seek refuge in far west; establish underground cities with dorads and humans.

~580 Years - Automatons have tough time with sauropods, gryphons, cyclopes; feuds begin; automatons amass more greatly near Uncanny Valley, entrenched in warfare they’re not programmed to recognize they’re engulfed in.
-Every other life form still relatively screwed; nomadic cultures reign.

~650 Years – First rumblings of an “Imp Empire” far out west.

~750 Years - Apocalypse of The Shock
-Continental electrical storm fries majority of automatons; divine intervention?
-Imps claim responsibility for The Shock; “befriend”/”enslave” humans for labor in expanding a magic-based empire.

~770 Years - Imps formally establish empire in the far west, based on magic and manipulation of elements; magically-enhanced agriculture becomes food source for many cultures.

~820 Years - Impish empire flourishes throughout regions west of The Uncanny Valleys. Dissidents flee east.

~900 Years - Imps undertake great project to “wake their ancestors” for next great age.

~920 Years – Triclopic scholars uncover imp fraud; imps did not cause The Shock; minor war breaks out between triclopic tribes and imps.

~930 Years – Triclopes, Centaurs, Satyrs have minor land-wars with imps over ‘sacrifices’; humans begin to flee enslavement in favor of tribes in the east.

~980 Years - Apocalypse of Demons
-Imps’ ancestors, The Demons, awake and set planet on fire.
-Half of the world’s imp population dies; millions from others species perish.
-Beginning of a pan-species war against Demons, sweeping eastward.

~981 Years – The Human Age
-Golden Emperor and Jade Empress, both humans, unite their tribes, use all-chemistry and golems to stop tide of Demons.
-Humans now most populace species in the east; Golden Emperor and Jade Empress establish a proper empire. The Human Age begins.

~1000 Years – Massive campaign undertaken to document world history undertaken by humans. Other focuses applied to all-chemistry and agriculture.

~1010 Years – All non-human species begin to flee the east; Empire of Gold and Jade provides some groups with treaties to keep land in ‘The Frontier,’ lands west of The Uncanny Valleys, or to serve as second-class citizens domestically. Religion is outlawed. Mass exodus of Red Brigadiers.

~1160 Years – Large number of golems attempt to rebel against The Empire of Gold and Jade; are defeated and destroyed. According to government records, there are no casualties. Viewed as first apocalypse to be stopped by a ruling empire.

~1190 Years – The Empire of Gold and Jade begins to move west of Uncanny Valleys; claims to need land for expansion. Triclopes and Red Brigadiers declare formal war against them.

~1200 Years – Massive famine that government records as having no deaths. Thwarted by all-chemical agriculture. Recorded as second apocalypse averted by the standing empire.

~1260 Years – Present. Things are going great, according to government records.


  1. The government records sound suspiciously like spin.
    Do other species return from extinction?

    1. No other returns have been formally recorded, but there are sightings of ravens in The Frontier, and everyone knows that birds are extinct.

  2. Oh yeah, they're definitely due for another apocalypse.
    And the line "Every other life form still relatively screwed" is the best sum-up ever!

    1. I just can't help being flippant, even in writing timelines. Glad you dug it, Bev!

  3. That last line made me laugh, you're awesome for doing this. I'm not that through, lol! Thanks for visiting my blog when I was out of town and commenting everyday. Means a lot :)

    1. You're quite welcome, J.A. Or is there something you'd rather be called?

      And I still have openings for X-day and Y-day, if you have any requests for those.

  4. Add me to those who loved the last line: "Things are going great, according to government records."

  5. Whoa, I am impressed with your planning skills. Year 550 looks really interesting. I think our government records probably make everything look rosy now, too :)

    1. ~550 left quite an impression on the world. The entire novel Last House in the Sky is in its shadow, though set centuries later.

  6. I stand in awe of your creative skills.

  7. yay, timelines are helpful!!!! Nice to know someone else does them, too!

    1. Believe it or not, I actually wrote this entirely this weekend, just because Richard asked for it. Most of it was either in my head or present in stories I'm writing. It is a handy tool, though, and will be useful to consult when working on future fiction. I figure a shorter version of it would go in a preface to the novels.

  8. That's some kind of impressive timeline with very many quirks and quarks in it. Oh, I do love the truism of year 1260.

    Best wishes

  9. This really helps me understand as a newbie here.
    KaTy Did at: Life's Ride As I See It

  10. This is AWESOME! You never fail to completely amaze me!!!

    xox jean

  11. Wow! Fantastic thought processes here and so detailed. I love your last line! *snort*

  12. It looks like you'd really thought this all out!

  13. A fascinating historical document. They may have stopped the demons but there appears to be something devious about the Golden Emperor and Jade Empress. It makes me wonder what their true intentions may be.

  14. Ha, love the last line. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I'm completely blown away by the thought and detail in your world. I know I could never come up with something so vast and sweeping, and even if I did manage to dream it up, I could never keep the details straight in order to continually make sense. Kudos to you!

  15. Great timeline with plenty of details.

  16. I LOVE IT! Love it, really! And thanks, you've just taught me that I still have long to go before I can say I'm nearly there with my world! *sigh*

  17. John, this is totally awesome! And thanks for dedicating it to me, I'm very flattered. As someone else commented, I too am in awe of your creative abilities!


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