Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two-Punch Pitches (as many as John can write before he passes out)

Hi, I'm John Wiswell and I write about tentacle monsters and post-apocalyptic optimism.
...and I write about dinosaurs and giant robots.
...and I write about prison breaks and the succubae who make it fun.
...and I write what lives between Humor and Horror.
...and I write excuses to have magical swords that work the way swords aren't supposed to.
...and I write about sentient puddles and the con men they love.
...and I write about the people who live on the border between empire and anarchy. It's nice this time of year.
...and I write about worlds that have seen so many apocalypses they're considered part of the weather.
...and I write about liars who need to be heroes and heroes who'd be better off as liars.
...and I write about giant monsters and insignificant survivors who need them.


  1. And I always welcome your writing.
    Now get some rest.

  2. Hi I'm Helen and I write about lots of things ^_^

  3. Some list! I like the "heroes and liars" line.

  4. ...and we'll wait to read and enjoy them! Go Go John!

  5. Sound like great things to write about.

  6. I want your resume'. Just sayin'....

  7. You have quite an elaborate resume here. This would make a great profile bio.

  8. Love the humour and horror line.


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