Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jaws is Not a Halloween Movie

"We need a Halloween movie."


"No, Jaws is a winter movie."

"You mean summer?"

"No, watch it when it can't ruin swimming for you."


  1. Too late for me. I watched Jaws as a kid and even swimming pools were scary to me after that!

  2. And that makes rather a lot of sense.

  3. Somehow this reminded me of the "Land Shark" knocking on the door in that SNL skit. :-)

  4. This reminded me of an old poster the Discovery Channel (or maybe it was Animal Planet) was running for a while. They took the Jaws poster and put a pig in place of the shark. The caption compared the number of people killed by wild pigs each year to how many were killed by sharks. Those wild pigs are vicious.

    "Don't go into the forest..." er, or something.

    I love the idea of Jaws being a winter film, though. It is very nice to curl up to.

  5. I'd never considered Jaws a winter movie either!


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