Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Catching Up

This is the first year my sister has hosted Thanksgiving dinner, and God has decided to celebrate by sending a blizzard for my drive. While there's much I should blog about, I'd like to catch up on five dear topics:

1. The World Fantasy Convention was wonderful.
When I got home, several things I don’t care to write about fell on me at the same time and I never got to write up what a lovely time I had at the WFC. I got to spend an hour digging into what makes Max Gladstone’s fantastic world work, and to gush at Ted Chiang and Guy Gavriel Kay. My God, the number of fascinating people I met. Seeing VP classmates was a blessing each time, even when I couldn’t hear anyone over the noise of the bar. It’s one of the finest publishing conventions I’ve ever attended, and I will do my damnedest to attend the one in Saratoga Springs next-year. Join me?

2. io9 Likes Me?

So in the middle of everything, I was quoted for a full paragraph in an io9 article called “7 Worldbuilding Tropes Science Fiction and Fantasy Needs to Stop Using.” James Whitbook appreciated my old essay on the vast potential of Fantasy to stretch beyond visions of Fake Feudal Europe. It was a lovely thing to wake up to that morning. I stand by the essay, too.

3 “Wet” is now available for free.
Earlier this month my short story “Wet” was published in the first issue Urban Fantasy Magazine. With the magazine now out there, they have posted “Wet” for free on their website. While the magazine is Pay-What-You-Want and very slickly designed for e-readers, anyone who prefers browser reading can click right through. I’m very proud of this little story, which is about a ghost, and the patience only an immortal can have for her. I’d love your feedback on it.

4. What do you think happened in this airport bathroom?

5. Start Thinking About Best Reads 2014.As December approaches, I'm reflecting on the splendid books I've this year. I'll be hosting the annual Best Reads blog hop again this year, probably starting right after Christmas, giving anyone who wants in enough time to check their shelves. Any books, published at any time in human history, that you read for the first time this year, and that struck you the strongest.

So, that's four. I've got to get the family lasagna together. What have you all been up to?


  1. Glad to hear you had a nice time at the WFC and congratulations on having your short story published. My big event happened this last weekend when my only son got married, other than that just jogging along, not writing as much as I use to, but still writing flash more often than not.

  2. Wet is brilliant. And I am very, very pleased that you had such an amazing time at the WFC - and are getting some justly derserved recognition.
    What happened in that bathroom? Nothing I want to think to closely about - but at least cleaning shouldn't be an issue.

  3. That's awesome you were quoted for the io9 article! That's a big deal.
    And I don't want to know what happened in that bathroom...

  4. That reminds me, I bought the issue so I could read WET and have yet to get around to it... I have yet to get around to a lot of things because, as usual, day job.

  5. I don't think I want to know what happened in that bathroom...even though it could be a good story prompt though.

    I'm glad the convention was a good experience and that io9 has recognized you.

  6. Oooo noticed by io9! Fantastic.

    The convention sounds so much fun. Wish I could go.

    I'll read Wet!

    Maybe the bathroom was wet . . .

  7. Glad you had a nice time at the convention. Congratulations on the i09 quote!

    We didn't go anywhere for Thanksgiving since family was out of town, so we stayed home and watched movies which was AWESOME. We didn't even cook. Oh, and we sponsored a turkey at Farm Sanctuary. :)

    Otherwise, just homeschool, crafting, stuff like that. Glad you're having a nice holiday season!


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