Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Blair Witch Problem

Horror Fan 1: And then what happens?

Horror Fan 2: That morning she thinks she finds his tongue outside her tent! But that night she hears him calling for her again! It’s so creepy.

Anonymous Nerd: (walks up) What are you talking about?

Horror Fan 1: We were talking about our favorite movies and Blair Witch Project came up. She loves it.

Anonymous Nerd: You know the problem with that movie? None of them were trained camera people so they couldn't keep it steady. And they should've gotten better actors, and came up with an actual script. Plus you just can't go a whole movie without showing the monster like that. It just makes it lame.

Horror Fan 2: It's fascinating that you could pinpoint all the problems in that movie, but noticed none of the problems in how you butted into this conversation about my favorite movie.


  1. So, which one was you?
    Haven't seen it but I've heard it was good.

  2. LOL LOVE it!!!! Honestly, I think the amateur camera work made it SO much scarier, although it was tough for people to watch. It's definitely a movie to watch on the small screen. AND I hate the fact that filmmakers seem to think we have to see everything for it to be scary. Does anyone even understand how fear works? It's what you CAN'T see that scares you. Hearing their friend screaming across the pond really messed with my mind! If we'd switched to a shot of him being dismembered (as today's "torture porn" directors would do), it would have totally lost me because I would have just felt sick.


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