Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's "Women's March," Not "Women's January"

Heads up, everybody: your marching is bothering the Republicans. Better cut it out. You know what special snowflakes they are.

Did the people of Boston misbehave in 1773? Did people challenge Jim Crow Laws? Did people refuse to honor Joe McCarthy just because he was evil?

No. They were polite and refused to challenge the status quo. Quit being so unamerican and stop exercising free speech.

Also, go sit where Republicans want you to sit, because apparently skipping an inauguration is on the same no-no list as Peacefully Marching, Putting Your Hands Up, and Kneeling During the National Anthem.


  1. Sigh.
    And sadly I read on another blog this morning someone saying that marching makes the marchers look silly and never changed anything. Only legislation (and presumably legislators) have the power to effect change.

    1. Those comments always frustrate me to, EC. Marching can be ineffective. I've certainly found some protests to be vapid in my lifetime. But the Million Man March, the march in Selma, and the Tea Party protests all had serious effects on politics. People who dismiss protests are usually on the other side politically and are trying to dismiss their concerns.

    2. Sorry, won't repeat what my wife said about the march...


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