Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm not sure how much longer this wonderful adventure in daily words can last, but I've got at least a few more months of material. If it survives a few years, though, I'd like some annual traditions. It's with that in mind that I request any readers, frequent visitors, friends or people who stumbled on here by some erant google search, submit questions in the Comments tab of this notice. You may ask as many questions as you like and whatever you like so long as you have never asked the question before in your life.

For instance you may ask, "How long have you had shingles?"

To which I may answer, "Since I warned the neighbor to stop letting shingles piss in my front yard, and he won't get her back until I get my ransom money."

You may ask for an explanation of what the effect of fluids is on the traditional concept of a three-phase classification system for matter. You may ask which supervillain and which classical Greek character I would pair off on a desert island. You may ask which philosopher I'd pick to fight to the death (probably a pacifist). I'll take the originality of most questions on blind faith, but if I suspect one of your Rarely Asked Questions has been asked before, you're disqualified.

The deadline is September 3rd, and on September 4th I'll answer at least one question from everyone. It's a ridiculous game, but the 4th is my birthday, so humor me. It might be the beginning of a tradition.

Or maybe I'll be hit by a cropduster in November and it'll just be a funny thing you did that one time with that dead guy. You never know.

Feel free to ask why it was a cropduster.


  1. A few nagging questions:

    1. Why is the hamburger superior to all other delicious meal choices?

    2. Why _do_ sodas rule?

    3. Do you miss your beard?

    -- B. Gorsky
    Roanoke, VA

  2. A date with which superhero would most likely result in an STD?

  3. What is the coolest (so far) issue of Thor?


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