Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: All Chemistry

Old piping. Illegal paint. Scrap metal. Get whatever lead you can onto this boat by Friday.

On Friday it will ship down south to a man in a country. The man doesn't so much care how harmful lead can be, only that it's a very useful material. He will not pay us directly.

However on Saturday morning, this man will sign the wrong form. Several truck loads of medical supplies will go to displacement camps along the border. The nuns and doctors will appreciate it greatly.

This man will not "catch" his mistake until Monday morning. By then, the medical supplies will be so dispersed as to be irretrievable. Also by then we will have won the heart of another certain man, this one in the cartels.

By Monday at noon, if this other certain man's heart is won, more cargo will begin shipping north again. Mainly foodstuffs.

On Wednesday morning, if cargo is flowing properly, our friends in the most northerly depot will nestle a special crate in with the foodstuffs. The cartel doesn't even know this crate exists, nor does our man in the government. We will keep it that way.

The crate will arrive here that Thursday. For every pound of lead you give me, you can have a pound of what is in that crate. And like that, we'll turn lead into gold.

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  1. Paints a great picture and leaves plenty to read in between the lines. Really enjoyed this one.


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