Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Publications, One Proposal

I have three announcements for you today. Two are published stories that you can read right now, and the third is to do something together.

Story the First: Many of you have already seen the Best of #Fridayflash Volume 1 anthology. It took Jon Strother a long time to put it together, so perhaps it's fitting it took me a long time to plug it. It happens to feature my favorite fake news story, "No Militaries in the Gay." This one follows the decree by U.S. law that war is no longer allowed wherever there are gay people, so as to avoid exposing soldiers to uncomfortable environments.

Story the Second: "To Each His Own Triceratops" was accepted into the Dog Days of Summer Anthology from NOT. The collection requested short-shorts about Summer, so I gave them one about that summer the dinosaurs came back. I'm sure you remember that one. Traffic was terrible. This e-chapbook is free to view.

And that Proposal? Earlier this year I experimented with comics. I can't draw very well - it's a combination of a lack of natural talent and a nerve imbalance that makes it excruciatingly painful to use a brush, pencil, etc. for any significant period of time. I'd write the comic scripts and Max Cantor drew them. I'd like to start this up again, but without a routine artist. Instead, anybody who'd like to try their hand is welcome. Leave a Comment on this post, hit me up on Facebook, or e-mail bathroom DOT monologues AT gmail DOT com. I have a few scripts ready, ranging from a single panel about selling ice to Eskimos to seven panels about paranormal law enforcement. I'm hoping we can have some fun with this experiment.

And thanks to everyone for stopping by.


  1. I'm interested, Nny, but you already know this. ^_^

  2. Me too. And ditto. BUT, please don't team me up with ice/eskimos. Gary Larsen did it much better than I could ever hope to!

    And congrats on the pubs! I have story in both too :)

  3. John:

    you should also post your call for artists at Digital Webbing and Deviant Art...


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