Monday, February 16, 2009

Stumbleupon the Bathroom

The Bathroom Monologues are now affiliated with, a democratic media site like Digg (and we're probably going to link to Digg shortly). Essentially anyone with an account on can "stumble," or vote favorably for this site or any post on it, making it more visible to everyone on that network. If enough people give it a thumbs up or a review, it could get a lot of attention. If you have an account or are thinking of signing up, please give us a look at ! The site promotes a toolbar, but it isn't necessary to use their browsing features or vote.

My site was originally stumbled by Cassandra Nichols, but I've just signed up now. So, thank you Cassie! I've also had a few visitors through Lex Paige, who stumbled two of my 55-word monologues. I was very flattered.

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  1. More people must know of monologues! Stumble, minons! Stumble!


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