Monday, April 27, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Plastic People

It was the newest breakthrough that no one understood – we weren’t protein-chains, but a heretofore-unknown brand of plastics that seamlessly duplicated the protein experience. It was a delicate plastic destined to break down and force you to buy a new one, hence all the sex. It turned our world from a place of holy meaning and natural selection to a grand toy store. People submitted to full body scans just looking for their microchips or the strings doctors could pull to make them say adorable things – not that such things existed. That would be silly. Though late in the lab on April, Dr. Friedrichs did find “Made in Taiwan” stamped at the end of an RNA strand, or so he thought. It disintegrated too quickly to verify. Disintegrated, he figured – or melted.

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