Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Astral Plane or Astral Plain?

It's kind of both. It's a plane of existence if it’s anything, but there are also rolling hills. The souls of buffalo roam, and long-extinct races of antelope play. They do not, however, play harps. It’s lovely at night as instead of daisies, stars bloom in the grass of these fields, and twinkle a far sweeter music than man has ever known. He has felt it in a fashion, though, and expressed it by accident in every song that bring to mind places without using words.


  1. I love the concept and point, and the last sentence of this actually makes me realize how many songs do this, which I'd never really thought of before.

  2. This is my fav, but that's coming from a Frog Slinger. Does that still count?

  3. We do not discount people based on their occupations at the Bathroom Monologues. The votes of Frog Slingers still count for 7/10's of a whole person, as per ACLU standards.

    Thank you both, Jemma and Jodi!


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