Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mother of Mercy

"Actually beginning in 1996 they stopped using lethal injections. The electric chair went out long before that. Those stories are just perpetuated to put fear into the public. I’m surprised the government doesn’t pretend you’re guillotined or torn apart by horny badgers. It’s the final meal that kills you. They drug it. They cook whatever you want, make you all happy and relaxed, and before you know it your Georgia potato salad puts you to sleep. They consider it a merciful capital punishment."


  1. Never order the potato salad. Death by chocolate is the only way to go...

  2. I was going to comment, then I read Mike's and started laughing and I forget what I was going to say.

    I'll just have to second, "Death by chocolate is the only way to go!"

  3. I'll third that. Mmmm, death by chocolate. Of course, I wouldn't mind being done in by a rootbeer float either.


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