Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: What is the trial of the century?

The trial of the century was not about that. It was not about all the blood in the sports star's other car. It wasn't about the color of his skin or how many tenths of a man that made him. It was not about whether he could vote for president, or whether he could vote in the PTA meeting about strangers teaching your children strange things. It was not about separation of the lab and the pulpit. It was not about foreign ethnics rounded up, caged and nearly exterminated. It was not judged by a single authority, or a tribunal, or a jury of its peers, or a million men marching at the city on the hill. The trial of the century was judged by a jury of millennia. Like always, they found the century guilty.

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  1. Perhaps someone should organize a march to free the century.


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