Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quilted For Your Pleasure: All He Tastes is Burning

A Bathroom Monologue experiment today: I came up with a three-panel cartoon in the bathroom, sent the script to an artist, and let him do whatever he wanted with it. It's still technically a Bathroom Monologue, but illustrated. It's an experiment I like to call "Quilted for Your Pleasure"

The artist is Max Cantor. Max is a good old friend from college who read several of the first Bathroom Monologues by IM. It's encouragement from people like him that made this site happen. The BMs originally ran on one of his websites, for what I assume was an audience of my girlfriend and his mother. His mother commented more often, which is one reason why I'm single.

If the strip gets enough positive response we might make this a regular feature on Sundays. All feedback is welcome.

Anyway, here's our golem:


  1. I'd love to see another one of these next Sunday.

  2. Here here! Where do we sign up to volunteer for illustration?


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