Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Salek the Shapeshifter

Salek comes from a race of very mild shapeshifters. He can morph his brow a little, a bit of skintone or ear positioning. It’s not terribly useful on a world with a single dominant species. Think about your neighbors. Messing with his forehead and ears wouldn’t convince you that your nextdoor neighbor was actually his wife. But when humans live with other intelligent species, it’s great at fooling them. That’s because all Danarians look alike. Flaky blue skin, no ears, big chins. Unless they have a hideous scar or a breathing mask on, they all look alike to you. So Salek can change to like any other Danarian, and fool none of his own kind. But to me? With the gill-beard thing, he looked like the owner of the company. I’m just saying that… you know. I didn’t realize it was Salek. I should have figured the president wouldn’t ask me to load up a truck with all the isotopes, but I didn’t want to get fired. I still don’t want to get fired. That’s why I’m explaining that it was probably Salek. I don’t know because… well, they all look alike.

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