Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quilted For Your Pleasure: Yep

Click the above image to view today's comic.

Today's is the third of what I'm calling Sunday Funnies: Quilted for Your Pleasure. The script for the above cartoon was composed in my bathroom, then drawn by artist Max Cantor. I still count it as a Bathroom Monologue.

If Sunday Funnies get enough positive response we might make them a weekly feature. All feedback is welcome. Seriously. Max will wet himself if you click 'This is OK.'


  1. Was it originally drawn on quilted toilet paper? If so that's totally awesome.

  2. Mr. Solender, did you click on the comic and find it too small, or is the embedded image too small? Unfortunately I don't know how to fix the latter problem, though if anybody does I'm all for learning.

  3. Haha! Better than newspaper comics. The title says it all. Good job both of you.

  4. I can provide John with higher-resolution comics to upload if they are too small for anybody! Thanks for the kudos, Jodi. And, Cody; initial attempts to produce comics on toilet paper were sadly abortive. Next week we're trying again with two-ply.


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