Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: When the World Stops Vibrating

"We want to take your word over theirs..."

"Everyone in the department is heartbroken over Janet..."

"If there's anything we can do..."

"Just for now..."

"...and your badge."

"I understand."

He rose from the table and looked down at the captain. The captain said nothing.

He opened his jacket. He unclasped the holster and put his service revolver on the table. He removed the badge from his belt and placed it above the trigger and beside the barrel of the gun.

He pulled the wallet from his pants pocket. He opened it and removed his unit identification card. This he placed next to the badge.

He returned his wallet to his pants and buttoned his jacket back up.

The captain pushed a pen and papers across the table. He did not read them. He picked at the lower right corner of the pages, looking for any blank line. He signed his name, complete with a line instead of a dot over the i's.

He pushed the papers and pen back to the captain. The captain took them and looked them over.

"Thanks, Tim." "What are you going to do now?"

"I'll fill the time. There are still two Mendez Brothers left."


  1. This is a very vivid trip to the bathroom, Mr Wiswell.

    May I suggest that "... looking for any blank line. He signed his name on any blank line,..." reads a little odd, with are repeat of the phrase "any blank line".

    This scene came alive for me. Very blokey.

  2. Thanks for the catch Bernard! You were right.

    Also thanks to the two of you. Wanted to try something different, hoped some people would like it.


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