Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Colored Language

“Most of this rainbow is occupied. Blue language is profane. Purple prose is overwritten. Clearly that end is a slum of bad writing. But on the other side? Yellow journalism is jingoistic and biased. The Little Red Book is even worse, as is Pinko literature. Towards the middle are all things Green, environmentally safe and positive, but we don’t run an environmental organization. It’s unaffiliated. Off the spectrum you’ve got black and white, but in a postmodern landscape you don’t want to be accused of seeing things in black and white. Only orange and brown have no particular affiliations, so I guess the blog will have to be in those colors. Maybe we can define them as ours.”


  1. So that explains the color scheme huh?

  2. It totally does, TS. It is in no way me retroactively trying to look cool.


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