Monday, August 2, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: The God of Amusement

Normally a god patronizes his subject. Dionysus keeps men opening breweries. Ares seeds the world with wars. Cupid flutters around shooting hormonal girls with pink arrows. But the god of muses, usually called “A.,” is a rare sort of slacker god. His muses do all the work for him, sprinkling the world with sitcoms and big budget battle movies. Unlike the skyfathers and earthshakers, A. only gives his subjects suggestions and leaves it to them to get it done. In turn, the muses refuse to write or perform much of their own material, passing the buck on to humans. A. sets the example, and so can’t complain. What he wishes his muses would do is made pretty obvious, though, when you look at trends in teen fashion and the rise of pornography.


  1. We need to have a talk with this one, lol.

    Ah, there's an award waiting for you at Randomities. :)

  2. Maybe we should revolt and pen a few rainbow and unicorn stories!
    Nice one, John.

  3. Astute observation. Since we writers are left doing all the work while the muses in middle management and CEO A. get the glory, I'd suggest a strike, but I've seen writers' strikes before and the results usually aren't worth it in the end.

  4. So that's who we have to thank for "Transformers" and its sequel.

  5. Laura, too often I've felt like a slacker god at the keyboard.

    But Mary says a sleeper. You think his narcolepsy is the secret cause of all our uninspiration?

    Mari, thank you for the award. Would have thanked you sooner had I been in town.

    Erin, that is one revolution I can get behind. Travis and I should follow suit with sugarfrosted stories ASAP.

    Anthony, it is exactly who we have to thank, particularly for the third one that promises to have fewer robots and more human drama.


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