Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inception's Secret

There has been considerable debate over Inception. Was Mal real? How many dreams were going on? How come I dream about Mom struggling to open peanut jars instead of skiing down sniper-infested mountains? I have a theory that can answer these questions and more.

At the outset Cobb is within Saito’s dream, which is secretly within another architect’s dream. If you follow Cobb carefully through this dream mansion you’ll notice something about the glass doors on the upper floor.

The molding is intricate and familiar. Upon review, it is almost identical to the Legendary Pictures logo. Legendary Pictures is a film company established in 2005.

We follow Cobb out this window and through the next two levels of dreams until Saito hires him to “incept” Robert Fischer. Fischer also seems familiar. At first I couldn’t place him– I don’t know many pretty boys who inherited billion-dollar companies. It only hit midway, when a bag is thrown over his head and chemicals dumped onto his face.

The head-bag is highly reminiscent of The Scarecrow in Batman Begins. The chemicals are a clue; Scarecrow used gases to induce mental states in his victims.

You’ll say these are coincidences. So a door in a dream looks like a symbol. So Fischer really reminds me of a supervillain. But before you close this article, ask yourself: have you really looked at Cobb?

That jawline. That face, desperately squinting to appear young and old at the same time. Haven’t you seen all his mannerisms somewhere before?

You have. According to its profits, you and everyone else on earth has seen Titanic, which features one “Jack Dawson.” The resemblance is uncanny, and becomes frightening if you watch Titanic all the way to the end and realize Dawson isn’t real.

This will seem insane to some, but I believe Cobb and Dawson are the same person. Further, I believe Fischer and Scarecrow are the same person, and that nearly everyone else in Inception is some kind of pretender. The reason you don’t understand Inception is not that it was all Mal’s dream, or five dreams within dreams, or psychic backwash from limbo. It is actually more bizarre than any existing explanation: some plotted concoction, complete with mass human conspiracy, dynamic lighting and artificial orchestra, the whole thing either given too little external construction such that elements fail to make sense, or given so much thought that we can’t grasp it. You might call it “a movie.”

All of the above images are the property of their related studios and filmmakers - if you believe they are from films.


  1. I've never read such drivel. A "movie?" With an artificial orchestra? Balderdash. Those elements are as tried and true as the swelling violin crescendo I hear every time I embark on my epic morning journey to work on the subway platform every day. Inception is tried and true, and to compare Cobb with the hero Dawson is offensive in the extreme.

    I will totally concede that the mountain conflict took place on Hoth, though. I have no idea how they managed to avoid seeing a single tauntaun.

  2. While I do not fully agree that Jack & Cobb are the same person(you can view my theory here: http://www.cinemablend.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51422), I do agree to some agree. There were more than a few scenes in which the subject matter resembled Titanic, Shutter Island and other movies that Leonardo & the other actors in the film have been in...

    -the movie starts with Leonardo in the ocean(if you want to subscribe to the theory of Jack and Dom being the same, you could say it was Jack washing up on the shore from the wreckage)

    - The water floods in on him in the dream much like it did on the sinking titanic, when he's dunked in the bathtub.

    -Mal jumping out the window and begging him to come, was kind of a reverse of the "You Jump I Jump" scene in Titanic.

    -When the gravity goes weightless on the hotel level, it remind me of when the people are free falling from the titanic...

    -his daughter is named Philipa...in The Man In The Iron Mask, Leonardo played Prince Philipe.


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