Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: TheBrightness’s Avatar

PMs were sent. Who was that in TheBrightness's avatar? He was too old to be from Twilight and too poorly dressed to be famous, unless it was an ironic Paparazi photo. Was he Latino? chegvra420 was asked, since he had Che for an avatar and at 2:00 AM on a message board that can become a credential. He didn't know (he was also a she). Was he American? RonaldMcFondle thought he was Simon Bolivar. Goatcemaster then googled Bolivar and made the suggestion that that suggestion was stupid. Whoever was in the avatar was too pudgy. Around 3:00 somebody suggested it was a musician. Nobody listened to Mexican music so they couldn't say for sure. The instant TheBrightness logged on he was hammered with forcedly casual requests. Was the guy in his avatar Santana? "i don't know who santana is," he replied. "thats carlos from my walmart. hes nobody special. i thought that was fitting. im not fooling anybody."

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  1. This is clever, unexpected, and so typical of the internet. Some assumptions are automatic.


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