Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Sunnier Titles for Books

-Lord of the Butterflies

-Laughterhouse Five

-Huckleberry Pie

-Jurassic Petting Zoo

-Mario Puzo's The Fairy Godfather

-Stephen King's The Lemonade Stand

-Dante's Divine Comedy (surprisingly, needed no alterations)

-The Lilliad

-Love Triangle of the Three Kingdoms


-Here with the Wind

-Peace and Peace

-Crime and Rehabilitation

-The Underdog Baseball Team in the Rye

-Their Eyes Were Watching God Do Something Funny

-Lots of Water for Elephants

-The Democratic Majority Leader of the Rings


  1. I was dead set against changing the content of Twain's works. But somehow I have no problem with title tweaking. Very funny John!

  2. Ha! I LOL'd a few times there. grinning face

  3. LOL "The Underdog Baseball Team in the Rye" I'm dying laughing...brilliant John!

  4. I think I laughed for every line in this. Well done!


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