Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Possible Origins for Him. 13.

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There’s a lonely island near Lesbos. It’s the birthplace of theatrical humor, of soap boxes and one-man shows. That last, because they are all one-man shows. The island was populated exclusively by the male gender, because stand-up is a tough business for the ladies. And because they were mostly the social-critic kind of stand-up comedians, they were largely unfuckable and perilously homophobic. This left them loveless and childless. Many was a night, after their sets, when they would stare up at the stars and pray to gods they’d just mocked for being irrational to give them a child. One uncynical open mind.

And the gods, in their infinite cynicism, sent them a single child. And not any old child, but one imbued of many divine gifts.

The charisma of Richard Pryor.

The guile of Andy Kaufman.

The misanthropy of George Carlin.

Somewhat sadly, the complexion of Jim Gaffigan.

They adored this gift, because there’s nothing funnier to a bunch of Bill Hicks wannabes than a baby that heckles when he's offered a pacifier.

Their island was alone forever. An experimental fighter pilot crash landed amidst this sausage-fest. She was something of a bombshell, and that meant all the boys were after her. Except the actual boy. He was a little disappointed to lose their attention so quickly. The boy conspired to keep her unspoiled and unsoiled, since what’s better for a social-critic comedian than frustration?

The boy even helped fix her plane with aeronautics knowledge he’d picked up while his guardians had been mocking airline food. The two escaped this snarky isle to the modern world, where he promised to spread their way of life – without them, because really, what a bunch of assholes.


  1. You know what? After reading through twice, I can see it going that way…

  2. ;-)

    ps. nutdoc is my word verification

  3. Very funny John. I see the "Origins" in the title so I assume this is your Joker speaking? Not sure, but the piece is damn funny on it's own.

  4. You betcha, Harry. I hope someone appreciates the Gaffigan joke!

  5. Actually, I did! Poor complexion and hairline aside, Gaffigan is under rated for his funny. He's maybe a little flattered to be included with the likes of Pryor and Carlin. Kaufman, eh.


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