Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Facebook in Heaven, OR, E-mails From Heaven

ElElleMarino                                                                May 21 (5 hours ago)
thx 4 the pics. sunrise sooo pretty. nice clouds

also, glad 2 c u wrn’t raptured either

TortoiseManwise                                                          May 21 (2 hours ago)
Who says I wasn’t Raptured? I could be in Heaven right now. Those are photos of clouds, after all.

ElElleMarino                                                                May 21 (1 hour ago)
o they have gmail in heven? ;p

TortoiseManwise                                                          May 21 (1 hour ago)
Wifi everywhere. Every movie ever is streaming. It’s pretty sweet.

Plus there’s no Facebook.

ElElleMarino                                                                 May 21 (1 hour ago)
i like facebook!

TortoiseManwise                                                           May 21 (20 minutes ago)
Maybe that’s why you’re not up here.

ElElleMarino                                                                 May 21 (10 minutes ago)

TortoiseManwise                                                           May 21 (five minutes ago)


  1. I bet the wifi in Heaven is super fast!
    Well done.

  2. Well played! "Maybe that's why you're not up here." I love it.

  3. Will there be no twitter there too? Am I in or out now? O.o

  4. Glad you folks laughed with this.

    Mari, there is Twitter in Heaven, but it's been streamlined so much that it's unrecognizable. A lot like the difference between magic and sufficiently beta-tested technology.


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