Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Possible Origins for Him. 15.

Riddle me this.

What caped crusader once carried a gun?

What dark knight now swears never to kill?

Who would be better at removing evidence and covering his trail than the world’s greatest detective?

Now riddle me this.

Who is as pale as a sheet?

Who does not seem to age across decades?

Whose laugh penetrates the mortal psyche?

Who vengefully torments one troubled soul?

Who is unable to be restrained in this asylum, moving from cell to cell to office to lobby to the front gate, all too often without detection or rational explanation?

Lastly, riddle me this.

Was it never to kill? Or never to kill again?

Haunting questions.

More lastly, riddle me this.

Why does Eddie talk this way?

Is it defensive?

Is it productive?

Is it annoying when I do it, too?

So many questions.

But seriously, Eddie. Shut up.


  1. A ghost? Interesting, especially since Bruce doesn't seem to age either.

  2. I think it's to be annoying. His catch phrase 'Riddle me this' grates on his adversary's nerves, so it's a form of attack. :D

  3. Another great one, John. I love how you narrate each origin differently. It enriches so much the reading!

    Have you ever thought of doing it professionally? (the narration, I mean)

  4. Just he just want to be heard and not seen?
    Why do you pieces always leave me with more questions than answers!

    I think Eddie is talking that way because he's having a nervous breakdown - he's a wannabe that can't be.

    That's wot I fink!

  5. i got a real kick out of this! creepy, very successful....

  6. Hm, there do seem to be some good points here! The Riddler and the Joker: have you ever seen them together?

  7. This was a very intriguing piece. It left me with more questions than answers, and much to think on!


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