Monday, June 6, 2011

Let Another One In at Every Day Fiction

Today's story is over at Every Day Fiction. They've purchased and published "Let Another One In," a vampire comedy flash of mine about seeking a safe place to hide for the day. Bonus points to everyone who gets the title.

You can comment on the story here or at EDF. EDF also has a ratings system, and any votes would be appreciated. You can read "Let Another One In" for free by clicking this link.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Let me know what you think!


  1. Funny. Clever and tightly written, as usual. Bloodsuckers are everywhere among us. Particularly on tax day.

  2. This is so delightful. "It didn't take long to realize the November vagrants stole more than wallets." is one of my favorite lines ever. And I laughed out loud at the woman cutting off the tangent about his familiar's penchant for pink.

    No swimming pool massacres, though. A shame.

  3. I got the title. And I love the story. :)


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