Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Law of Conservation of Magic, OR, Hotel Bathroom Monologue

"Science says energy cannot be created or destroyed, but science will do anything for money, including break the law. It will, for instance, determine which locales have the highest density of elfish genes in the human population. Demographics and genetics will narrow it further. Once you purchase the appropriate children, social science will help you break their spirits and breed them. Traditional magic will keep your tower invisible and unnoticed. Their spare energy will fuel the spell. The bulk of their energy, though? Yours at the click of a button, wherever and whenever you please. 4G grand wizardry, energy created, dispensed and crowd-sourced by modern science."


  1. I could use some additional energy this morning. I think I'll opt for some caffeine instead. :)

    BTW, another great post that leaves me in awe of your thought processes. (Although I try to fight the urge to post "Where do you come up with this?" every day.)

  2. Your bathroom mind is one strange place :)
    I'm with Chuck. Think I'll stick with caffeine for the extra energy.

  3. I tried to make sense of the post, but then it occurred to me: Has this guy been hitting the crack pipe?

  4. I want to meet these children (coffee does nothing for me).


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