Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vote for Best of #fridayflash

The #fridayflash community is gathering up a second anthology. While the editors run over submissions, a poll has opened up for the readers' favorite stories. Readers and writers are responsible for every story on the ballot. I had the honor of being nominated for two stories: "Thoughts Down from 40,000 Feet" and "Three Bindle Stiffs."

It says something that they're both comedies. It says something else that 40,000 is as informal as possible, while Bindle Stiffs purposefully includes one hundred obtuse words and phrases. Presently 40,000 is in third place and might have a chance of winning, which is another thrill. The contest also features several very talented writers and friends of mine, including Danielle La Paglia and Karen Schindler.

Regardless of which story is your favorite, please stop by and vote. The whole #fridayflash community thanks you.

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