Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: She Crosses Over

If the agreed to go see it with him, who was he to argue how? He’d never gotten her to a Horror flick before, much less a SciFi one. Lill only liked foreign films and things Based on a True Story. So within minutes of making her demands, he hired the limousine and Google-searched for a tuxedo.

He showered and shaved and burned his face with first cologne of his life to fit her desired “presentability.” He arrived half an hour before the showing, ringing the bell and waiting on the stoop instead of letting himself in, corsage in hand until she was ready. He bided the time imagining whether Aliens would show up in this. It was so hard to stay spoiler-free on the internet.

She descended the stairs in a yellow silk dress that he could not fathom wanting to take into a movie theatre. Seemed to beg disaster with all the buttery popcorn and potential soda spills – he’d have to sit in the aisle to guard her. It was only when he heard her mispronounce the title that he wondered if Lill knew what “The Prometheus” was about.


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